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Rock Star Mom™ Girly Tee - Black or Grey

Image of Rock Star Mom™ Girly Tee - Black or Grey

$20.00 - On Sale

I hear it all the time, "I love your shirt! But I work..." I tell them they are still a Rock Star on the weekend or when they have to stay home from the 9-5 to care for a sick kid, but I can still see hesitation. So, here is my solution and Peace Offering! I am Pro-Mom, Pro-Parent! We are all Rock Stars!!!

Rock Star Mom Tees in Black or Grey (Charcoal)! Same great quality but better fit with the NEW Anvil shirt, girly cut
Washes and wears well.

**Local to the Triangle? I'm 5 minutes from Downtown Apex, Porch pick up is available, just type "LOCAL" into the Shopping Cart to remove the shipping fees.

Size Chart
Small: 4-6
Medium: 8-10
Large: 12-14
XLarge: 18-20
XXL: 20-22